Hong Kong is back!

By HK Lawyer AJ Halkes Barrister-at-Law

Monocle Hong Kong 50
Good Day Coffee Co - G/F #23A Shing Mun New Village Kam Tin is making more than coffee

When it comes to boosting of Hong Kong this seems all too rare these days in the media, and it should not that way, issue number 2, 2024 of MONOCLE certainly will help re-set things.

It was great to see an internationally distributed magazine showcase some very clear positives about Hong Kong and use a phrase the article cover “Hong Kong is back”. The publication displays shows Hong Kong in a light which many people have been ignoring as Hong Kong is a global city, it is dynamic, it is vibrant and it is a safe and exciting place to visit.

MONOCLE decided to lead with a special insert which provided 50 reasons to “revisit” Hong Kong covering locations to eat, drink stay and shop.

The mixture of 50 personalities, locations, and ideas, in the mainly airline and hotel sponsored insert, was a pleasant surprise not only because I’ve recently bumped into a number of the people featured or know them professionally. All of them are committed to Hong Kong and they all know it is a unique place to operate in and to call home.

Even more encouraging, was that the focus included some amazing aspects of Hong Kong, which do not see enough global promotion, close to my heart is the arts and culture sector, and in the near future I will even be launching a significant art venture project of my own.

In any event, I urge you to all to follow the link, see what MONOCLE has to say, then explore Hong Kong’s unique neighborhoods, areas of interest and landscape, not only for food and beverage, but also outside the scope of the insert and adjacent to some of the locations that were featured.

There are great stories to be told about Hong Kong today and on a daily basis, with easy (and cheap) trips ranging from islands or hiking in the countryside, to a deep dive into backstreets, or even out the New Territories as covered in my last post; some of which were featured on a section : “live like a local”.

I also encourage anybody living in Hong Kong (who isn’t a local) to live “like a local” : it’s hugely rewarding and will show you a different side of the city.  Any short term or business, and any visitor can also also confidently “live like a local” because there is nowhere in Hong Kong that you cannot visit safely, securely, and with confidence; and in doing so you will not only discover new things about this city, but much of which isn’t even in the mainstream media and you will have a blast being able to enjoy them.

When I get round to it I will share a few of my favorite “local” areas and places to grab a bite, where to find the that unique item you want, from that esoteric camera part to delving into someone else’s rubbish that might just be your treasure and, or where you get to have that “only in Hong Kong” experience; but for now the MONOCLE Hong Kong 50 is a great place to start.

MONOCLE boosting Hong Kong and encouraging revisiting


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