HK Criminal Defence Lawyer & Regulatory Law

Looking for a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Hong Kong?

When looking for a HK lawyer who understands Criminal Defence Law or Regulatory Defence Law you might be wondering what are the key criteria to consider before hiring one. Defence Law is a complex and challenging field that requires a high level of expertise, experience and strategic advice from any chosen lawyer. In this blog post, we will discuss some important factors that you should look for when choosing an HK lawyer for your case; if you are arrested, under investigation, facing a trial or heading to a hearing or trial.

Qualifications and Accreditation

The first thing you should check is whether the HK lawyer has the necessary qualifications and accreditation to practice law in Hong Kong. The lawyer should have a valid Practising Certificate issued by The Law Society of Hong Kong or the Hong Kong Bar Association; lists of those in practice are at the links:

At a secondary level will be things like overseas admissions, academic add-on qualifications, membership of professional bodies and other accreditations, that may have been collected over the years by the lawyer that are industry or that are practice area specific.

Criminal Defence Experience and Track Record

A lot of consideration needs to be given to the lawyer’s experience and track record in handling cases that are similar to yours. These days we see increasing levels of specialism and most websites will carry details of cases conducted and experience in criminal or regulatory law defence of a lawyer. With a good track record and years of being in an area, will come the knowledge of the relevant laws, procedures and precedents that apply to your situation. Experienced lawyers should therefore be able to advise you reasonably swiftly on the best course of action and outline a cogent strategy. Though not published in Hong Kong; success rates and positive outcomes in previous cases can be asked about and testimonials or references from past clients sought. A name search for judgements a lawyer has been involved in at the higher court levels in the High Court is available online; keying in the name of the lawyer is all that is required.

Reputation and Reviews

The lawyer’s reputation and reviews in the legal community and among their clients; online research is no substitute for actual recommendations from people you trust who have used their services before or know the lawyer. Most lawyers have a profile or a dedicated website, social media accounts and online directories often show ratings, reviews or feedback from clients.

Fees and Charges

Commercially important will be the fees and charges that any lawyer will apply to services. You should (well in advance) ask the lawyer for a clear and detailed breakdown of their fees, including any hourly rates, fixed fee arrangements or caps on costs plus other charges that may apply. You should also ask about any additional expenses that you may incur, such as court fees, filing fees, expert fees or travel costs; plus things like even photocopying charging policy. Look for a lawyer who is happy to explain fees in a reasonable and transparent manner that suits your budget and expectations.

Communication and Rapport

The final thing you will need to assess is the style of communication and the type of rapport that you expect to have with your lawyer. We all need a lawyer who is responsive, attentive and respectful to our needs and concerns; however, “bedside manner” does differ and being comfortable is not everything. Most people look for a lawyer who is easy to talk to, listens to the client and explains things clearly and patiently. If you feel comfortable and confident with the lawyer who will represent you that is the ideal situation and if you prefer a more unvarnished approach do not worry; Criminal Defence Lawyers and Regulatory Defence Lawyers are usually very able to deliver on that.

These are key criteria to consider when looking for an HK lawyer specialising in Criminal Defence Law or Regulatory Defence Law.