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Health and safety regulations occupational law Hong Kong AJ Halkes HK Lawyer legal

Occupational and Industrial Health and Safety – Responding to accident investigations and managing the process from incident to effective defence at trial is essential for the best outcomes….Read More

HK Lawyer liquor licensing restaurant food and beverage f&b Hong Kong Adrian J Halkes

Liquor Licensing F&B Consulting – Obtaining new licences, and renewals. Ensuring ongoing compliance in ever-changing Hong Kong along with employment terms, licence holder selection and transfer complexity….Read More

Construction Law consulting HK legal firm Hong Kong AJ Halkes Lawyer

Construction Law – Advising on practices, protocols, method statements, toolbox talks and induction training which are vital in any effective regulatory defence and at the core of risk management….Read More

Criminal Defence Law legal firm Hong Kong AJ Halkes HK Lawyer

Criminal Defence Law – From a driving offence to a complex regulatory matter in Hong Kong, if it is not civil law then it is a crime and needs rigour and strategy applied from event or allegation to conclusion….Read More

HK Lawyer Environmental Law Hong Kong Legal AJ Halkes

Environmental Law – Managing noise, air and marine pollution prosecutions, environmental permit applications, infractions and even pest or mosquito control allegations in Hong Kong and its surrounds….Read More

HK Lawyer Barrister crypto law legal blockchain Hong Kong AJ Halkes

Crypto Law & Financial Crime – Navigating the latest in crypto and financial fraud, anti-money laundering is a fast-moving field in Hong Kong as it launches new regulated exchanges and cyber crime initiatives….Read More

About AJ Halkes

HK Lawyer AJ Halkes Barrister at Law Hong Kong criminal defence liquor licensing health and safety environmental construction crypto and financial crime firm

HK Lawyer AJ Halkes (Barrister-at-Law) draws on over 40 years of experience in Hong Kong ranging from law enforcement to the commercial sector and is an outcomes-focused lawyer.

Adrian, a fluent Cantonese speaker,  has also been on the frontier of liquor licensing and food & beverage law in Hong Kong for more than two decades. He also specialises in construction industry law, environmental consulting and safety and compliance law. He manages complex incidents and investigations together with being a trial and appellate advocate…….

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