HK Lawyer AJ Halkes

HK Lawyer AJ Halkes Barrister at Law Hong Kong criminal defence liquor licensing health and safety environmental construction crypto and financial crime firm

Qualifications / Awards

University of Hull LLB (Hons)
University of Hong Kong PCLL
Accredited Non-Executive Director

Examiner (OLQE) Law Society HK

Red Dot Design Award Winner

DHL-SCMP Enterprise Award

Solicitor Hong Kong: 1994 to 2005
Solicitor Queensland: 2002 to 2004
Solicitor England and Wales: 1995 to present
Barrister-at-Law Hong Kong: 2005 to present

AJ Halkes Barrister

Adrian is an outcome focussed lawyer who has been on the frontline of the development of liquor licensing and food & beverage law in Hong Kong for three decades. He also specialises in construction industry law, environmental consulting and safety and compliance law defence. He manages complex incidents and investigations together with being a trial, appellate and judicial review advocate. 

His regulatory and compliance practice has seen him advising the Hong Kong Government, SME operators and listed companies on legislative change, business establishment, major acquisitions and takeovers. His knowledge in respect of immigration law, Inland Revenue regulation, the Municipal Services and Administrative Appeals Board plus the plethora of Government and statutory regulations in the HKSAR, sees him frequently consulted before a single step is taken to either open a business or acquire one.

HK Lawyer AJ Halkes has a wealth of experience as both a Solicitor who established his own law firm and then as a Barrister-at-Law. He is known for his strategic approach to issues and understanding of complex business, legal and forensic challenges faced where criminal law meets regulatory control in a commercial context. This can involve the Police, Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Government investigations or regulators and ultimately defence at trial.

His advocacy practice in the courts, tribunals and administrative appeals boards of Hong Kong is well known. Furthermore, he travels extensively for clients not only within Asia Pacific but also in Europe and the USA having appeared in the courts of the Netherlands and Switzerland concerning Anti-Money Laundering and tax matters in America on evidence gathering and depositions related to trial.

He has spoken publicly as an advocate in diverse forums including the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, the Ambassadors Round Table on IPR in China, APEC-ASEAN+3 in Tokyo, and seminars in Shanghai, Zhejiang and sessions of the NCAC in Beijing on Internet Regulation. 

His representation of Nancy Kissel and other defendants in selected complex criminal matters is well known together with his multiple successful Judicial Reviews in respect of the actions of the Director of Health and other HKSAR statutory bodies. He has acted in a number of death inquiries pertaining to workplace deaths and accidents, consumer product litigation and the representation of professionals including stockbrokers, corporate directors and medical practitioners, been appointed an Examiner of the High Court and as a Non-Executive Director.