Should you give away specialist knowledge for free ?

If you have knowledge to sell yet buyers are scarce what do you do with it?

This was the case for many during Covid as businesses suffered, budgets crumbled, bank accounts drained and specialist advisors to what were now failing or closed businesses found themselves out of work.

In some countries there was financial support as subsidies, the self-employed may have been looked after well. For some there wasn’t an incentive to do much except hunker down and wait. Others studied, re-skilled, wrote that novel or play; finished some long delayed songwriting or even did home renovations.

I completed the FT Non-Executive Director Diploma, created podcasts (ajHalkes Podcasts) and downloaded my knowledge of a small area of the law and practice of F&B liquor licensing in Hong Kong into an easy access resource (Liquor Licence Guide).  With great help to wrangle the technical side of the podcasting world (thanks James!).

After all … no-one had income to pay the bills so why not make what I’d been selling available for free?  I added some insights relevant to the times;  a friendly voice perhaps and a bit of encouragement in a period of Covid darkness for clients that had become friends over the years; all battling along.

But now what?

Should I go back to the “old ways” and turn off the resource, start to sell that advice all over again or even create a subscription model ..or do I leave it out there, FREE and sort of “open-source”?

The decision was easy and I will try to keep it updated.

Would you do the same?

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